A new artist in the Gallery: Deepthi.

He comes from the city of Colombo, the capital of Sri Lanka. He joined his brother in Rome 13 years ago because he could not support his family and children.

He loves ancient art and he adores Italy, especially Rome.

He has always loved art in all its expressions and music since his early childhood, and 30 years later, he decides to take back his pencils and brushes and become self-taught.
He uses to draw and paint a white charcoal pencil and a white ink pen which he skilfully slides on a sheet with a black background.
His drawings of him are sometimes full of poetry at other times imbued with the spirit of revolt with which he has seen his country fight.

A very precise pencil stroke, he comes alive in black and white to tell the meaning and depth of what he feels.
Deepthi is a very intelligent, sensitive and lively artist, come and discover his works in the Gallery!